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Who We Are ?

StackOne is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services in Zambia, offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes.

You'll be happy to know that Stackone has many skilled developers available to work if you're searching to employ software developers for your project. With our expedited development timetable, you will receive fully functional projects as soon as feasible.

Our teams Benefits

Three to four day period to match the best development team for your project needs. Rapid team deployment

Developer teams created from scratch, and based around your needs. Confidentiality agreements signed for every project & secure development portals used. Scope of work created for every sprint, and matched to your timeline

Full stack Teams including UX/UI designer, software engineers, project manager and Q/A Specialists. Dedicated managers overseeing project development on your behalf.

Our Products

Explore, discover, and book tickets to the best events in town with Event Space. From concerts and sports, to conferences and community gatherings, we cover it all. Download our app today and never miss out on an event again

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Looking for a way to simplify your pharmacy's daily operations? Our Pharmacy Management System app is here to help! With our easy-to-use interface and comprehensive features, you can easily manage your inventory, track prescriptions

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Our Developers have experience in your Industry

We frequently hear from our clients about this. They are looking for developers that are aware of the market dynamics in your sector.

Our Developers have the advantage of working on companies big and small, in a huge variety of industries.

Understanding how to create high-quality apps is insufficient.

You'll get world-class help with a world-class experience, every time, guaranteed. Here's just a few of the industry verticals we've worked in

Additionally, a developer should be able to provide you advice on what your rivals are doing, what users in your industry want from an app, and how to create apps that stand out in the market.


StackOne is mostly focused on web, mobile applications development and IT consultation

Web development and hosting

Develop web applications for companies

App development

Develop Mobile applications for different businesses .

IT Consultation

Support IT consultations for different companies.

Project Management

Support for project management

Graphic Design.

Design different projects for different companies.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our staff covers most of the popular technologies, both for web applications (using React.js, Node.js, Angular, Vue.js, Laravel and Symfony) as well as mobile applications (cross-platform mobile frameworks like React Native and Flutter.) If you'd like to see the full list, check out our tech stack.

The answer is, it depends. It depends on whether you want our staff to handle the entirety of the project, or just augment your existing team. It depends on the expertise level needed of the programmers we staff for you. It depends on the size and complexity of the project, and the number of hours it will take to complete the work. There is no standard price to produce a development project. The good part of that, of course, is that our prices are customized completely to you. So rather than paying some arbitrary package price, you'll be billed only for the hours worked on your project. Our research, done before we begin work, ensures that your project plan is mapped out thoroughly. Once a plan is in place, we generally find that our work process syncs nicely with your project quote and plan.

Generally, it takes about Three days to set up everything and get started on a project. But truly, it depends on the client’s needs. Simply send us your requirements, and approve our quote. We’ll sign your non-disclosure agreement and get to work, just like that.

Here at the stackone we do put an emphasis on direct client-to-team communication. But if you're more of a hands-off kind of manager, we can assure you that we'll be watching things from our end. Every team you hire from us should consist of a Quality Assurance Specialist and a Lead Software Engineer, who will do a lot of the management, day-to-day.

Of course! Matching the right programming talent to your job is what we do best. We have an extensive research phase that helps us understand your business goals, allowing us to outline the steps and resources needed to take your project from concept to completion. We’ll provide you with extensive documentation that outlines the scope of your project, and also shows you how the staff is the right mix for your technical stack, schedule and milestones. When you work with us, you can count on us finding the right developers for you.


What they are saying about us

Companies who use The Stackone for technical projects frequently return to us for more work. Why? Because our employees can deliver the precise combinations you want more quickly and affordably than most businesses can do locally. But since our developers have extensive experience working on top-notch projects, you won't have to compromise on quality when you receive your apps.


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